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At what age does Dr. Holtzclaw start seeing children?

It depends on the child of course, but generally Dr. Holtzclaw likes to see kids beginning around 4 years old. We encourage small children to come to an appointment with older siblings or with Mom and Dad BEFORE their first actual appointment with us. That way, they can become familiar with our office and our staff, and see what they can expect when it’s their turn.

Current ADA standards say that a child should see a dentist by the age of one year old. If you need the name of a pediatric dentist, we would be glad to direct you to one.

What insurance do you accept at your office?

We accept and file all insurance plans, but we are only in network with Delta Dental Premier.

Can I have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) during my appointment?

We offer nitrous oxide to any appointment if a patient wishes. Most insurance companies do not pay for this service, so it does add an additional charge to the procedure.

Can you repair or reline my denture?

Dr. Holtzclaw only repairs or relines dentures that we have made in our office with our lab.

What options do you offer for financing my dental work?

We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks. We now offer our convenient VIP Club and accept Care Credit., We can help you apply for that service in our office or in your home. For more information about payment options, visit our new patient page.  There is a link to the online application.

Do you accept Medicaid?

We accept Medicaid for children, however, we are currently not taking any new Medicaid patients. We do not accept Medicaid for adults.

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The Wonderful World of Implants

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